King Valley is tucked away on the north side of the Alpine National park, people often pass it by as they head north up the Hume Highway. Only 3hrs to Whitfield from Melbourne it's a relatively short drive for the feeling of being in a special part of the world well away from the city. There are numerous ways to get to Lake William Hovell to the start line, this depends on where you're coming from, however if you aim for Whitfield, it's a further 20mins into the mountains from there.

The quickest ways would be via either Mansfield or Benalla, the Mansfield route you actually head over the mountain range you ride up on the Mansfield-Whitfield road and pass the finish line at Powers Lookout. The Benalla route you head for Kilfeera road and the Benalla-Whitfield road aim for Myrhee then Whitfield, this way does have a short gravel road section but is quicker than heading further north and cutting back down to Whitfield. However, if you want to avoid the gravel head on the Hume Highway until the Snow road at Glenrowan and then turn right to Whitfield on the Wangaratta-Whitfield road you wont have any trouble following the signage.

Here is the general map link from google maps, and here is the detailed map link from google maps to print out for your trip. However you are best to have a road atlas or detailed map of the area if travelling here for the first time as there are a few intersections you could go wrong.

If you are coming from another part of the world, I'm sure you'll work it out, those coming from the north would aim for Wangaratta. Some of you may be travelling quite a distance, if this is the case we recommend staying for the weekend to enjoy what the region has to offer. Check out the accommodation page for details on places to stay in the King Valley.

Competitors at the 2011 King Valley Challenge race briefing


If you organise your gear to be transported you could ride to the start line!


Picnic spots like this make the travel all worthwhile